Who we are

The story of Kibo

Kibo is a mobility company based in Nairobi that originated from the acknowledgement of the importance of having access to safe and reliable mobility for everyone.

By designing and developing a motorcycle specifically for use in Africa, Kibo became the maker of the first purpose built motorbike called the K150.

With its unique features it meets the needs of our most demanding customers who rely on Kibo to support them in pursuing their opportunities in life and business.

You might be a courier riding in Nairobi or a doctor visiting the valleys. Maybe you just ride for fun with friends?

Whatever it is, Kibo lets you Go Do the things that are important in your life.

What is Go Do?

Go Do is more than just a tag-line we use. It’s an idea. A manifesto. It’s something that binds us as a company and with our partners and customers.

Two words that mean a lot.

Go represents the journey, the spirit of taking on the open road to explore and meet new people, new cultures.

Do is all about the amazing entrepreneurial spirit of Kenya and the desire to create, challenge and make lives better.

We value these ideas and make sure they’re at the heart of all that we do.

‘We believe that by building a better kind of bike we can enable our customers to a build better life for themselves’
Huib van de Grijspaarde, CEO

Our company

We are driven by our entrepreneurial spirit to imagine better ideas that help us take on and overcome every challenge.

As a team of people delivering safe and reliable mobility for all people, we are guided by our sense of honesty, transparency and trustworthiness.

We continually strive to make it possible for all people to go do whatever they need with our friendly and helpful attitude.

We value integrity and high quality in the way we create our products and serve our

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