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Introducing The Kibo K160R

The motorbike that’s built to keep you going. The 2nd generation Kibo K160R is packed with upgraded features for better performance. It comes with a bigger 10.4L tank with a consumption of 40km/l and an improved fuel petcock for better flow. It is equipped with a bigger instrument panel and wider side mirrors for easier visibility as well us ergonomic handle bar switches and an upgraded clutch switch to prevent unwanted starting. The K160R offers more efficiency and a robust look that matches its high performance.

If you’re looking for a machine that fulfils your personal, professional and leisurely needs, the K160R is the best of all worlds. Agile, comfortable, stylish and built to conquer any terrain.

Dubbed ‘The Champ Reloaded’ it is inspired by the winning spirit of the East African people. Resilient, reliable, hardworking and always going the distance.

Kibo K160R is built to keep you going

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The K160R is built to perform on all terrains.

Milton, Sales Manager, Government

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Inspired by the African spirit, Kibo bikes are built to go the distance. Reliably and safely. Designed in the Netherlands and assembled in Kenya, we ensure that our bikes perform at the highest level both on the road and off the road.

We got inspired by the unbreakable African spirit and the belief that a better motorbike would help the African dreamers to keep moving forward. Whatever your dream, ride assured that with Kibo, you can Go Do More.

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‘As a courier, I rely on my Kibo as much as my customers rely on me’
Miller, courier based in Nairobi

The courier

At Kibo, we understand the importance of a safe, reliable and efficient motorbike to get you through your day to day life.

So whether you’re a courier riding on the streets of busy Nairobi or a doctor braving the rocky off-road to visit patients in rural areas, Kibo can help you Go Do.