How the journey began

In 2011, while traveling in Africa, Huib Van de Griisparde created Kibo bikes with the ambitious objective of providing safe and reliable mobility for everyone.

The idea was to build a commercially viable bike designed with the East African Terrain in mind.

In 2017, Kibo launched the first bike designed in the Netherlands, assembled in Kenya. The Kibo K150. This became the first purpose built workhorse built to help East African riders to pursue their dreams.

This was later followed by the K160 and K250 which introduced more power, more performance and a more robust experience for the discerning rider.

Since then, Kibo has opened a number of retail centres and service centres across the country, giving Kibo riders one of the most reliable Parts & Accessories support in the industry.

To this day, our DNA remains the same. To help you Go Do More.

What we are about

At Kibo, the relentless African spirit pushes us to keep producing safe, reliable products that inspire you to Go Do More. Safe and reliable mobility isn’t just a mantra, it’s intrinsically who we are.

You can see this in our products' meticulous and innovative design and our commitment to educating Kibo riders on the best riding techniques.

Our relationship with our riders does not end with the purchase, that’s where it begins. Our Aftersales service is dedicated to making the riding experience as smooth as possible by providing genuine parts and world-class service.

We’re guided by our sense of honesty, transparency and trustworthiness because this is our nature and these qualities are ingrained in everything we do.


To provide access to safe and reliable mobility for all people.


Be Pan-African industry leaders in high-quality motorcycles engineered specifically for Africa with excellent support for service, training, safety equipment

Core Values

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Kibo is driven by our entrepreneurial spirit to imagine better ideas that help us to take on and overcome every challenge. As an employer, Kibo believes in and encourages innovation, expertise, technological advancement, learning and personal development among its employees. This in turn enables us to be a valuable partner and provide innovative solutions to our external customers and thought leadership within the industry.

People Focus

We continually strive to make it possible for all people to go do whatever they need with our friendly and helpful attitude. Kibo values people and constantly achieves superior performance through its people. Therefore, the policies and culture are geared towards enhancing quality working life for employees and providing exceptional service to customers. Most importantly, we value the communities with which we conduct our business


As a team of people delivering safe and reliable mobility for all people, we are guided by our sense of honesty, transparency and trustworthiness. We adhere to the highest ethical standards as we strive to do what is right and fair for our customers and for each other. Kibo adheres to maintaining and protecting the professional standards of the various professions within the organization. We assure value to our customers by modelling our behaviours around integrity and ethical leadership.


Service excellence is more than what we provide, it’s how we think and act. It’s more than just fixing a problem; it is prompt responses, consistent communication, quality information, and a focus on providing a superior customer experience each and every time. Our service never rests culture is what drives our commitment to our clients.


We value high quality in the way we create our products and serve our customers.


We continually strive to make it possible for all people to go do whatever they need with our friendly and helpful attitude.

What is Go Do More?

Go Do More is more than just a tag-line. It’s an idea. A manifesto.

It’s the glue that binds us as a company together with all our shareholders. Three words that are our essence.

Go represents the journey, the spirit of taking on the open road to explore and meet new people, new cultures.

Do is all about the amazing entrepreneurial spirit of Kenya and the desire to create, challenge and make lives better.

More is inspired by the relentless African spirit that inspires us to keep going no matter what obstacles lay ahead.

We value these ideas and they’re at the heart of all that we do.

Our Network

Kibo continually invests in the After-sales support network to help our customers get the maximum from their Kibo bikes. Wherever you are in Kenya, you can ride easily with the comfort of knowing you can conveniently access our support network.

  • Kibo Retail Centre Nairobi
  • Kibo Retail Centre Kisumu
  • Kibo Retail Centre Mombasa
  • Kibo Retail Centre Meru
  • Kibo Retail Centre Nanyuki
  • 47 Service Centers situated around the country

Step into the vibrant hub of mobility enthusiasts and experts!